Imagine that you are sitting in a concert hall and the orchestra plays a dream song that was only possible with your help and support.

I am Falk Wünsch, born 1997 in Thuringia, Germany, live and love music. At the moment I live in a small apartment in the music city of Berlin. Here I compose music ranging from orchestral to electronic and sample-based.

My big dream is to be able to play my compositions together with you and other musicians. That's the only way to bring to life the melodies that I mostly create in my own four walls.

I'm looking for musicians of all kinds:

  •     Strings
  •     woodwind
  •     brass
  •     Percussion and other instruments (like harps, etc.)

If I could spark your interest, I would be very happy to receive an e-mail or message from you in another way.

You can find my works under the tab Tracks.

For example I would like to perform "Live". "Live" was part of the movie "Whoever you are ...".